The Family Tree by Sairish Hussain

Rating: 5 out of 5.

There were so many moments in this book that I stopped and considered what I was reading. Although it isn’t what I normally would read, The Family Tree, tells the story of Amjad’s family and the events that it made fall apart.

I started reading the book as of the WellReadNarative’s Book of The Month over on Instagram. The promise of WellReadNarative is to bring to the forefront books written by POC and LGBTQIA+ authors that would normally wouldn’t get the audience they deserve.

The Family Tree by Sairish Hussain is a beautiful story about being an outsider family in the UK. The heartfelt story of this family is told out of mainly three perspectives: Amjad the father of the family that deals with loss; Saahil the son that struggles to cope with traumatic events and addiction and Zahra the younger daughter of Amjad who is left to pick up the pieces after their family breaks apart.

Crafted to perfection. Sairish Hussain is definitely an author worth keeping your eye on.

I found myself realising after a few pages that there were similarities between the family I was reading and my own. Although I’m not from an Asian family the way the elders try to stuff you with food every time you visit, the way the family pressures the younger generation to excel for the sake of excelling just to name a few, hit home with me.

The Family Tree is a beautiful story that deserves to be read. If not because of the marvellous characters constructed in detail like a sculptor would his work, the at least it should be read for perspective. Hussain manages to bring to the forefront a muslim family, their rituals, their day to day life in a way that makes me wonder why there aren’t this many stories on bestsellers list? It isn’t because the books aren’t good or that they aren’t written well. This book proves that.