Whisper Island by Carissa Ann Lynch

An Arc was sent to us by the publisher in exchange for an honest review of this book. Thank you to One More Chapter Publicity team for allowing us to read this and review it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What would you do if all your friends invite you to go for a trip on a secluded island? Would you give in to the peer pressure and accept to go? Why wouldn’t you since you can live there rent free, since one of your friends friend owns the place. After all you don’t know yet that soon one of your friends will end up dead…

Whisper Island by Carissa Ann Lynch was thoroughly enjoyable. The writing is snappy, the chapters are short, the viewpoints are plentiful and the premise is promising.

I admit it, I was some what sceptical when I started reading it. Something about the story didn’t add up and felt at times that this might be a book in a series, as there were references to characters pasts that wouldn’t be revealed until later on. After realising that it was a writing style choice, of hinting at something obivous in the characters pasts that would later on come in to play, I understood that I was overthinking it.

Carissa Ann Lynch is a master at tone and setting, placing the right words in the right place.

Whisper Island has a straightforward plot. Friends gather on an island to stay there rent-free for how long they want to, to work on their art. Then suddenly one of them ends up dead. Something about the plot felt very Agatha Christie-esque to me and I couldn’t help but make the connection to ‘And then there were none’.

Although it reads as a cozy mystery at times, Whisper Island tackles the theme of revenge and I think that it does so well enough to be enjoyable. Carissa Ann Lynch is in my mind a prolific author, having published over nine mystery novels, finished two series and contributed to two anthologies. Because of this, I was expecting a bit more. The story is fairly linear and we follow the POV of different characters—which added a layer of complexity to the story but left me craving for more.

I have enjoyed reading Whisper Island but I also think that it would have been a 5 star rating if we could have seen Mia’s past rather then be told about it as it would increased the tension and the stakes in the story. In conjunction with this same would be applicable to Riley’s background. It would have added a layer of ‘i-wonder-what-will-happen-next’ that I found the story was lacking towards the end.

The pacing is great, as it should be for a thriller. Characters were defined and fleshed out enough to know who was who from the start however would have loved the conflict in between the characters to be introduced earlier on so that when we get to the middle of the novel the reader can anticipate something wrong will happen rather than rely fully on the tone and setting.

Speaking of tone and setting, I think Carissa Ann Lynch is doing an amazing job of choosing her words carefully adding a layer of flair in her tonality and characters voice. She crafts setting with ease, in a few sentences, without going to much into unnecessary details and strikes a perfect balance between underwriting and overwriting.

Whisper Island is perfect for anyone looking for a quickly paced thriller that can be read in one sitting with a good premise, good tone and setting and a great twist at the end. I would recommend it to newer people to the genre that want to see what a mystery thriller is and how enjoyable it can be.

Whisper Island is coming out 5th of February 2021 from One More Chapter in the UK which with this new addition are setting themselves up as an engrossing, thrilling and definitely to watch out for Imprint in the thriller genre.