The Girls Are All So Nice Here by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Girls Are All So Nice Here tells the story of Ambrosia Wellington, who is now a very different person than to who she was at University. Or is she? Her time at University wasn’t a pleasant one to say the least. Sure, she had good memories, but, overall? Not really the experience one wants to have in more ways than you can imagine.

This fast paced, gripping story about what drives our ambition, what fuels our resentment pool and what we consider a friendship by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn is a kind reminder to everyone that we should be treating people with more kindness. The setting also fuels my sentiment of needing to do random acts of kindness. University settings are really difficult to do successfully mainly because different people have different experiences. However I think that Flynn has very tactfully handled this. Although I used to be bullied in school and Uni, I didn’t feel triggered by this book however fair warning to everyone wanting to pick this up.

Ambrosia, who wants to be called Amb is the protagonist and the POV character for the entire book. Amb came across as a very insecure person who has been running from her past for far too long. And when an invitation to her ten year reunion arrives, Amb initially doesn’t want to go. Flynn manages from the get go to create a sense of ‘omg-what-will-happen-next’ by spoon feeding the reader with glances in the past but also retaining a lot of the major points until the very end.

The Girls Are All So Nice Here became an instant guilty pleasure! Perfect for the fans of the movies Mean Girls and Heathers.

There were so many events and turns in the story that I didn’t want it to end. But when it comes to the end it was definitely not what I expected which only adds to the overall genius of Flynn, managing to create and exert some sort of justice. Do I agree with the ending? Not really but that only goes to show how much I enjoyed Amb’s story.

After finishing the book, I had to take a moment to really consider the whirlwind I went through, reading this book in less than two days. One thing that did pop up in my mind was that I didn’t feel a difference between the Then Amb and Now Amb once she arrives at the reunion. The whole story is centred around this traumatic event that happens in the past, that fuels Amb with guilt however this doesn’t seem to change her, or at least very little. The character growth there would have had potential however I don’t know how this would have been able to fit in the overall story ARC.

The Girls Are All So Nice Here is now out and available to be ordered from your local indie bookshop (Support them, please! 😊) . This book is perfect for the fans of the movie Mean Girls or even the Heathers as it goes to show how cliques can be a very toxic and difficult environment to navigate playing on codependency of people on other people. This became an instant guilty pleasure for me and I can’t wait to hear what others think of it.

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