The Dinner Guest by B. P. Walter

Thank you to One More Chapter Publicity Team for allowing me to read this book ahead of its publication in exchange for an honest review. All views are my own.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

There are books that have a very strong sense of place…

There are books that have characters that you simply can’t stop loving them…

There are books that leave you wondering until the last page who the killer is…

Then there is The Dinner Guest by B P Walter that conveniently crosses off boxes in all the before mentioned categories. Throughout reading this book I couldn’t help to feel transported into a different world that looked and smelled and felt like a parallel universe to the Desperate Housewives universe, the characters were like-able enough for me to root for them and although I had a sneaking suspicion of who had committed the murder from the first few pages, the writing was good enough to put me off my trace.

B P Walter is a master at making his readers want more, teasing them with every piece of the brilliant puzzle he created.

Beyond the cover readers can expect a thrilling and twisted story. Walter uses two timelines through which he carries his readers. The structure of past present fits the story like a glove and doesn’t get to feel repetitive as the story evolves really quickly. Also another element that Walter is a master of, is making his readers wanting more, and then not give them to it. This is incorporated really well in the split timelines so much so that I didn’t know if I wanted necessarily to find out who the murderer was but more to find out how everything fits in together before the killer is revelead.

The story is mainly told out of the three main characters perspective. We follow Charlie, Matthew and Rachel through the events that lead up to the night were at the dinner party organised by Charlie and Matthew, Matthew ends up dead. I don’t want to spoil to much of the plot in my review however there are many twists and turns throughout the story that will keep you engaged and guessing who did it. My advice for readers going into this story? Don’t. Trust. Anyone.

Overall I think that B P Walter establishes himself as someone to look out for in the psychological thriller genre. He is a master of concocting plots then fragment them into a jigsaw puzzle and calculating where every piece should be dropped into the story.

The Dinner Guest comes out on the 1st of April and is an excellent read for anyone looking to escape the mundanity of lockdown life.