The Silent Suspect by Nell Pattison

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’ve received an Advanced Reader Copy (also known as ARC) from the publisher Avon to read The Silent Suspect and just let me tell you that a part of me was ecstatic.

Some people choose their books as an automatic purchase depending on the author. I know this because I do it as well. However for some time now Avon had made its way into my shelf. It wasn’t something that I had done consciously but the type of crime thrillers they publish are just so engrossing.

The first book I read that was published by them was by Helen Fields in the DI Callanach series. I still remember devouring the first book and wondering how I had never heard about Helen Fields.

The same thing happened now with Nell Pattison. The Silent Suspect is actually the third book in the Paige Northwood series—a series I hadn’t heard about before. Hence I am starting now to include on the very small list of authors that I consider as an automatic purchase the publisher Avon.

I’m a bit furious at my reading friends because they haven’t actually recommended this to me before. Because let me tell you this is one of the best thriller books I’ve read in a long time.

Paige Northwood is a natural successor to Harry Hole

I usually compare thrillers with other writers/books I loved. The Silent Suspect has the perfect mix in my opinion of character development and story. Although I couldn’t really appreciate the full development of recurrent characters, I was still intrigued and had to finish the book in one sitting.

There aren’t many thriller books in my opinion that manage to achieve what The Silent Suspect does. It has enough of crime elements without to overwhelm the reader with police procedures as we follow a protagonist that is not a police agent. Paige Northwood is a BSL Interpreter for the council (and although it is hinted at her having worked with the police in the past which only intrigued me more and makes me want to read the previous two books in the series) I was invested from the first pages. She comes of as a reliable narrator, the majority of the book being told from her perspective as she is dragged into the scene of a burning house by a frantic client of her friend.

I would recommend the Paige Northwood to be read in order because I believe that Nell Pattison is an exquisite writer. I will go check out her previous two books The Silent House and Silent Night because Paige Northwood is one of the contenders to my all time favourite protagonist in a crime thriller series Harry Hole (followed closely by DI Callanach).

The Silent Suspect is out on 29th of April 2021 which allows sufficient time for readers to enjoy the first two books in the series (not that 3 months would be needed to read the first two books in the series).

Thank you to Avon for providing me with another loveable protagonist, an advance copy of the novel and finally another series that I will have to keep my eye on when it comes to crime thriller novels.