Last Place You Look by Louisa Scarr

Thank you to Canelo Publicity Team for allowing me to read a E-ARC of this novel. All views are my own.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

While reading this book, I made a tweet, alleging that Canelo isn’t playing this year with their thrillers and crime books. It might have been a bit too cryptic but let me tell you why.

Last Place You Look starts as a police procedural crime novel and in itself, stripping aside the characters and focusing only on the narrative and the procedural crime novel aspects of this book, its already a very entertaining book. Yet when you start looking at the characters, at the structure, at how Louise Scarr is holding your hand as a reader and tells you that you should trust her cause she knows what she’s doing, that’s where this book starts to differentiate itself from other novels.

Last Place You Look by Louisa Scarr takes a very loved genre and turns it on its head, using the expectations readers have against them.

Last Place You Look is the first book in a new series and what a start it is. At the core of this novel sits a death which at first is being treated as a suicide. But nothing is as it seems in this novel. DS Robin Butler and DC Freya West are assigned on the case and here is where things get complicated. Because one of the detectives knew the dead. Well. And we’re just on page 10 of the book. Crazy right? The way Scarr writes these characters is truly mind-blowing. You don’t feel that you are reading a book about two characters. You feel like she’s telling you a story about her friends.

We learn fairly early on that both Detectives that are at the center of this investigation aren’t as righteous as they should be. DS Butler and DC West are rotten to the core and it just made me want to root for them even more. I found this to be refreshing as usually we get the protagonist and antagonist at the other sides of the spectrum. What Scarr manages to do with Last Place You Look is make the protagonist an equal antagonist, blurring the lines between good and bad.

When it comes to the death at the core of the novel, I enjoyed the way Scarr leads its reader with this confident hand through the story, telling you as the reader that you should trust her, that what she shows you is important. The end was the most surprising thing in this novel as it brought to the forefront a murder of passion. I thought that maybe it would be a boring read when I realized that there will be no other victim. Louisa Scarr however compensates with amplifying the tension to the max between her characters rather than writing action scenes that to me wouldn’t have fitted in the ending of this novel.

I can’t wait to see in which direction Louisa Scarr takes this series and can’t wait to read more about DS Butler and DC West. Last Place You Look comes out in eBook on 8th of April and in paperback on the 6th of May from Canelo and will be definitely appreciated by the lovers of the crime procedural genre but also will be enjoyed by lovers of the psychological thriller genre.