Psychopaths Anonymous by Will Carver

Thank you to Anne Cater and Orenda Books for organising the blog tour and allowing me to be part of it. All views are my own.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you have read any of Carver’s books before, you know what he is capable of. At least I thought I knew. But the moment I started reading Psychopaths Anonymous I realised that this book, was nothing like any of the books that I read before.

What makes a reader read another book by an author? Is it the promise that the story they are about to embark on will be worth it? Or is it to find out how and more importantly how much their favourite author evolved?

These questions roamed around my head constantly as I read–no, devoured–Will Carver’s new book. I thought at first that I return to the Carververse because I know that no matter what the story will be about, it will be a bloody good one. This was confirmed to me by The Beresford–a Faustian story about unconventional deals in a house where it seems that there can’t be more than two tenants living at the same time. But I don’t think that is the only reason I return to read another Carver book. It’s more the thrill of not knowing what will come next. The thrill and fear to see what else has brewed in that twisted (in the best way possible) mind of his.

Psychopaths Anonymous is a genre defying masterpiece that will be remembered as the foundation of a new and exciting direction to the thriller and noir genre.

More often than not I’m intrigued by Carver’s mind. Psychopath Anonymous explores what would happen if a support group for psychopaths would exist. Seen from the perspective of Maeve, who is one of the best anti hero characters I’ve read in a very long time, we are taken on a journey of how such a group could be established. Sprinkle in some dark humour, let it simmer with murder and murderous intentions and then let it cook until complications and twists start to rise and you get yourself an enjoyable and original read.

With Psychopaths Anonymous, Carver took a risk. The thriller genre is pushed and blended into noir and then the noir genre is pushed and blended into psychological horror. In theory, this should be a recipe for disaster. But it isn’t. It works beautifully due to Carver’s ability to make his readers root of characters that are flawed in every single way. And with Psychopaths Anonymous, Carver’s writing reaches levels that I’m sure border on superhuman at this point.

Psychopaths Anonymous is by far the best instalment in the Carververse. It will not please everyone and I’m sure the intention wasn’t and isn’t to please everyone. Raw and unfiltered, Carver sets himself up as the author who is not afraid to make his readers scared of what will come next.

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