Why I read.

It’s not a question. It’s a statement. A statement that I have to remind myself of on bad days. It’s a goal. A mindset that I’m still re-configuring my brain to accept. Sure, reading brings me joy. Of course, I love to be immersed in a story about characters that don’t feel like characters but actual people. But… reading means so much more to me than just reading.

Reading to me is a journey on which I decided this year to take serious. Reviewing the books I read is my own way to hold myself accountable. The journey I decided to embark on isn’t an easy one. Especially for someone to whom English isn’t the first language. It’s a winding road, filled with ups and downs. I find myself more often wanting to stop, to not pursue the path I set myself on. But then every time I open the cover of a book or power up my kindle or kobo, I wonder.

What if…?

What if I can actually write a story that people will want to read? What if the story that lives inside my head would be the story that will get me published? What if all I’m missing is doing this, and keep doing this?

Reading to me is learning. Learning and understanding how authors that have gotten published manage to get their ideas to paper. Many would think that reading is just about keeping up with what the current market is requesting. But that’s not the case. It is so much more than that. It’s about reading between the lines. It’s about finding the small text, that secret code that every author leaves behind written in invisible ink, to make it their own. That secret code, that buried treasure that tells aspiring authors “here’s how I thought of doing this.”.

That is why I’m reading. I’m reading because regardless what the road ahead has for me, I want to try. I want to keep on doing what brings me joy regardless of the outcome. I like finding the encoded message and cracking it. Because if I don’t do it then I need to live with the question that echoes in my mind every morning I wake up, every night I go to sleep and during the day whether I am at my day job or lazily watching a TV show on the couch.

What if…?

But until that day comes when I can say that my words will go into the world in the form of a digital or even printed book, I will continue on down the road, kicking pebbles and enjoying the ride. I’m excited for everyone I will meet down the road. I’m excited for the stories that I have yet to discover. And I’m excited to see my own growth in the stories which for now I keep for myself.

Mihai from BooksTechnica

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