If I Fall by Merilyn Davies

An Arc was sent to us by the publisher in exchange for an honest review of this book. Thank you to Arrow Publicity team for allowing us to read this and review it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What would you do if you were invited to a reunion with your group of friends from university? Would you go without questioning who is actually inviting you? Or would you try to understand why the one person you don’t want to have come to the party has been invited?

This is how the story starts. Four friends with one terrible secret, reunited at a rooftop bar. But they weren’t the only ones that have been invited. The fifth person invited is the one that dies that night.

The story is told from two main point of views, Carla Brown—a crime analyst and DS Nell Jackson. I liked the fact that it wasn’t the typical police duo and that Davies included a crime analyst into the mix, which made the story refreshing to me. And of course, typical for me and the books I pick up to read, regardless sent by publishers or I buy myself, If I Fall is the second book in the series.

If I Fall is a strong contender to be one of my favourite crime novels of all time. Davies being one of the first writers threatening my Nesbo pedestal.

Although it was the second book in a series, If I Fall is executed masterfully, not giving too much away from the first novel in the series. Whether intentional or not, Davies manages to conjure a stand-alone feeling around the novel without pushing the readers into a corner for not picking up the series in order.

In itself the novel is dark. The themes and representation in this novel are stellar and for once I felt refreshed on the take Davies brings to the typical police procedural. I instantly fell in love with both Carla and DS Nell Jackson; both being very strong characters, which I think is needed for a long lasting series.

Davies doesn’t shy away to bring into the mix of themes that are being tackled throughout the novel religion and sexuality. Although it isn’t necessarily the first time it is being written about, I thoroughly enjoyed the authors point of view and how she represented the LGBTQIA+ community in the novel as well as diving deeper into the aspect of conversation therapy.

I was shocked when I finished the book at how enjoyable and unputdownable it was. It simply took me by surprise and am happy now to say that I have found my next best crime author. Davies is definitely an author to watch in the crime genre as she brings a refreshing take to the staple that has now become the police procedural, giving it a new air to breath. I can’t wait to read what she will publish next and will definitely check out her first novel in the Carla Brown and DS Nell Jackson series WHEN I LOST YOU.

Merilyn Davies is a stellar example that there is no genre that has been overdone, making her in my opinion a true contender to my personal all times favourite crime author Jo Nesbo.

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