Good Samaritans by Will Carver

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I recently read Good Samaritans by Will Carver as I had previously enjoyed Nothing Important Happened Today which in true BooksTechnica fashion was the second book in the Detective Sergeant Pace series and had to read the first installment of the series as well.

Although, in my opinion you could read the series out of order (at least with the first two books) I strongly recommend you start with the first one because it’s so good. I always enjoyed noir novels so I had a feeling that I would enjoy Carver novels too.

From the start of the book Good Samaritans establishes itself as a novel that will stick with you even after you finish it and have moved on to your next read. Carver uses the need of humans to connect with other humans to set up this noir thriller brilliantly.

Carver is one of the best Noir authors out there. His writing is enticing, making you crave more.

Told from mainly three points of view, we follow Seth Beauman who has trouble sleeping on the path of trying to connect with people over the phone. When he reaches a suicidal Hadley Serf, his late-night hobby turns into something more vicious. The use of the points of view is strong and captivating, giving the novel a level of complexity that many writers aspire to reach but at which Carver seems to be a natural.

The characters and their development is as well flawlessly executed and although I tried to scream at my book trying to make a character or the other to just see sense and don’t walk on the path Carver has set them on, the motivation of characters is very well blended in with the choices they are taking and every step or direction they are set on makes complete sense. Although there is some strong language, I’ve never felt like the word choice took anything away from the book; in fact making it better and more thrilling.

The title of the novel might sound innocent and a light read but it is nothing of the sort. Carver is one of the best Noir authors out there and his writing is so enticing that it makes you crave more. Structurally executed in quick and snappy chapters, the book is not easy to put down. And the twists will blow your mind.

On my Jo Nesbo scale, I would say that Carver needs his own because he is just that good. I even considered replacing my Jo Nesbo Scale into the Will Carver Scale. Carver is automatically an instant buy for me now regardless what he will publish in the future because of his writing style and structural brillince. For any writers that aspire to get a Noir published I would highly recommend Carver’s work to understand and dissect how a noir novel should be constructed and what the standard in my opinion should be.

Good Samaritans has been published by Orenda Books on the 15th of November 2018 and is available over on Amazon, Kobo, Waterstones and anywhere else good books are sold (hopefully). If it isn’t make sure that this book will be in stock where you purchase your books because it deserves to be.

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