I Know What I Saw by S K Sharp

An Arc was sent to us by the publisher in exchange for an honest review of this book. Thank you to Cornerstone Random House Publicity team for allowing us to read this and review it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

What would you do if you had a perfect memory? A perfect memory that would force you to relieve all your memories? Would you try to control it so that you would remember only the good? Or would you accept it as it is and relieve the best and the worst?

But would you remember the things that mattered like they happened?

These are just some of the questions that I found myself asking myself whilst reading the book. I Know What I Saw had a very strong start in my opinion. We follow the protagonist (which I loved that for once we have a protagonist in her fifties) as she navigates a missing case from her youth in the 80ies after a body is being discovered underneath of what is now a park.

S K Sharp brings an unexpectedly strong protagonist to the table that is well fleshed out.

Nicola, the protagonist has a perfect memory of her 80ies and not only. She remembers everything that happened to her and can recall things in detail. From the way people were dressed to what cars were and weren’t on the street. S K Sharp fleshes the character well through out the book. In fact all characters seem to come to live while reading this novel.

This book is more of a mystery than a thriller. I’m saying this because the pacing is definitely a bit slower than what you would normally expect from a thriller. But don’t fret because it picks up. The author had made a conscious decision of putting the mystery to the forefront in the first part of the novel and the thriller aspect in the second half of the novel.

Now was the mystery enough to keep me going until the end? Yes and no. Yes – because I had no inkling of who the antagonist was. No – because after a quarter into the book I found the recalling a bit repetitive, not necessarily because it was badly written but because there was no layer to Nicola’s ability of recalling the memories. They were all there and she could pluck them from her mind and felt like a there was no actual barrier in preventing her from that.

I would have enjoyed if there would have been a twist regarding her memories early on. Nonetheless it was still enjoyable to navigate Nicola’s present and past. How her life evolved from ambitious and day dreaming teenager to a middle aged woman that had a failed marriage and working as a librarian.

Overall I Know What I Saw is a good read for everyone who enjoys mystery filled novels, with a unexpectedly strong lead that for a change isn’t in their early thirties.

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