The Quiet People by Paul Cleave

Thank you to Anne from Random Things Tours and Orenda Books for allowing me to take part in this amazing blog tour. All views are my own.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Paul Cleave is an author, which much more to my amazement have not heard before reading The Quite People, that has tackled a story many claim to have read before in the thriller genre. A child abduction leads to the parents being suspected of harming the child and trying to cover their tracks by reporting him missing. But that’s just the beauty of the thriller genre and why I return to it. Its multifaceted layers allow authors to explore endless possibilities in a premise. Pair that with a brilliant mind that asks all the right questions in the wrong places and you end up with a recipe for success. That is The Quiet People.

From the outside, this might look like your ordinary psychological thriller. But it isn’t even that. Nothing about The Quiet People was ordinary; from the writing to the characters and structure. A better description of The Quiet People is to think of it as three novels in one. Take Camerons POV and you end up with a brilliant psychological thriller that has at its centre a heartbreaking story of a father that loses everything. Take DI Kent and DI Thompson and you have a deliciously painful police procedural that can be a stand-alone story of its own. And then there is the prologue which although breaks every boundary set on a novel, can be expanded into a full-blown series on how devious antagonists can actually be.

Cleave has managed to find the cure to reading slumps all readers have been seeking for in this melange of convincing psychological thriller and heart racing police procedural.

While reading The Quiet People I did have moments in which I thought that there was no way the story would get any worse for its main protagonist, I was wrong. Cleave takes the ‘what-can-possibly-go-wrong-next’ to the next level with every chapter resulting in a compelling and unputdownable read. Many would see in The Quiet People a character-driven story but to me, it wasn’t exactly that. It was more a life story where equal opportunities were given to both the characters and the story to shine. And how brightly they do.

If I was asked to describe what Cleave has accomplished to do with this novel I would simply say find a remedy for reading slumps. Paced to brilliance, there is no dull moment to be found in The Quiet People. The story flows through the reader’s eyes, invoking emotions from cover to cover. It’s a rollercoaster of a read that will make you appreciate both the psychological aspects of our main narrator but also feel your heart thumping in your throat as those police procedural chapters appear seemingly out of nowhere. Don’t believe me? Go ahead. Read it and tell me I’m wrong.

Reading has started for me as a hobby but now, after reading The Quiet People I feel like I am more appreciative of the novels that are being written. Because they are so good and if they wouldn’t exist I would be so much less than who I am now. Cleave has accomplished what I thought was the impossible. Cleave got me excited to get writing again. And for that, Cleave will forever hold a very dear place in my heart.

The Quiet People is published by Orenda Books on 25/11/2021 and can be preordered here.

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